Part One



Liberated alive, is liberated alone,

No Liberation till life exists, till then pains pleasures felt,

No Liberation in physical body, How liberation after death,

Liberated not holy places dweller, liberation there not kept.

Gallows of doubt not cut in life,

Hopes liberation after death.

Thirsty man as in life,

Wanders thirsty in the dream.

The detached, is bondage free,

Live there where keeps He.

Without detachment bondage remains,

Going anywhere not free.

Get freedom from transmigration,

By contemplating Immortal Name.

Sayeth Kabir he alone is Guru,

Who cuts the gallows of doubt.


From my very childhood, I had a keen desire to have communion with God. Either it was due to His or due to my own 'Deeds of the Past, Now at this old age my thoughts have been changed by my experiences of life. The conclusion of my whole research is liberation in life (Jiwan Mukti). The aim of all saints has been to achieve this state In life. Sanatan Dharam, Jain Dharam, Buddha Dharam and other religions of the world too have the same aim of attaining liberation in life.This thought of liberation in life occurred to me last night when Shri Joginder Singh requested me time and again to attend his marriage. But I had a programme to attend world religious conference and then visit Delhi, Indore and Nagpur on Basant Panchami. Repeated requestes of Shri Joginder Singh forced me to question myself, --What sort of a Guru am I ? What for have I come to this world? Have I attained liberation ?"

Liberation means freedom from all kinds of bondages. Is there anybody without any bondage ? No, all are attached to one object or the other. One is attached to the son, other is bound by the love of Satsangis, another is in the bondage of God, still other is in the bondage of Guru or in the bondage of internal visions.You practise meditation with great zeal. You enjoy the visions of Sun, Moon and bliss inwardly You always feel attracted to these blissful internal scenes. But if sometimes you fail to see these scenes you become sad, This proves that your aim is confined to a particular mental condition. You are not liberated you are attached to something.

Tonight I deeply thought over this very point, whether there is any such stage, when man can attain emancipation while in body. This is a question to myself. I had pledged to speak to the world my experiences, However, my experiences are of very supreme state and every body cannot understand them still I speak in order to fulfil my pledge. My experiences prove that Yogi, meditator, Guru, disciple and even the aspirant of salvation are in bondage. Bondage means attachment of our Surat (attention) with some thing may be gross-subtle or causal. Devotees of God are attached to their devotion and .lost in it. They too are in bondage, the difference only is that some bondages are a source of joy whereas others prove to be a source of worry. This is also a fact that without any bondage or attachment, life is impossible in this world of illusion. Now the question arises. is there any such state of liberation in life ? Yes, that stage does exist. I often live in that state of life at this age.

I have been unable to achieve this state of liberation only by one thought that I do not go anywhere to help anybody, both in physical form and subtle form, while my manifestations help numerous people. I remain unaware of these miraculous incidents, This experience convinced me that all those forms or scenes of Data Dayal Ji or of Sun, Moon and of God or Goddess that used to manifest within me were not a Reality, but an illusion. Shri Purushotam Dass, Is my companion and friend from Basra Bagdad. To attain this conviction that your. "self" is Light and Sound form is In Reality the attainment of the state of Dayalpad or Joevan Mukta state. By achieving this state, you will have dispassion for all internal visions, forms and scenes. You will stand convinced for ever,that these thoughts or forms are not a Reality but only reflections of mind. The object or the element that feels the existence of the internal visions of Data Dayal Ji or of Rama is named by some as one as "Self" and others have named it as the Reality or (Zatt).

Radhaswami Dayal, Sant Kabira and others have proclaimed Saints as the creators of God or Ishwar. If these Saints had the right to explain their experiences, then I too have the right to speak the Truth to the world. My experience proves that a man who claims himself as the base and source of all creations, is also not yet liberated. My words are tape-recorded for the future generation and Intellectuals to ponder over. Such proclamations that one's "Self" is all in all or that one is Brahma, attracted the worldly people towards these who made such claims. Swami Ji said that saints are the creators of God, people madly followed him, adored and worshipped him. The truth is far off from these mental visions. Those who are attached to these visions or manifestions can never attain liberation. Not to speak of these manifestations, the element that sees the light and listens the sound within is to be kept free from the light and sound as well in order to attain the fifth stage (Panchavan Pad). To the dwellers of the fifth stage, even the light and sound have no attraction. He develops dispassion for light (Par Brahma) and Sound (Sabd Brahma). As for attaining the Absolute Truth (Sat Lok) all mental stages are to be dispensed with. For attaining the absolute truth, the light and Sound are also to be left. Try to understand what I say. This Is not an easy game to be played or an easy path to be adopted. This path is for those,

"Who are fed up with sensualities,

Cherishes spirituality in mind

Love not, the progeny and wealth,

Searcheth among Gurus and the Saints."

All those saints known for their divinity faced miserable end. Swami Rama Krishna Param Hans, Goswami Tulsi Dass, Baba Sawan Singh and even Radhaswami Dayal suffered heavily during last years of their age. If a Saint has really become something as Brahma or the creator of God, then how is it that he cannot cure his own disease ? None has any solid answer to this question. If the writings of Radhaswami Dayal that Saints are the creators of God is a fact then why these great saints suffered untold physical pains and miseries. You people adore me and serve me, I do not want to keep you in the dark. I have spent my entire life in the search of the truth. Whatever I have experienced, I explain it in plain words for those who aspire for it. Sant Tulsi Das writes

"On the banks of Chitarkut,

An assembly of the saints.

Tulsi Dass grinds Chandan (Sandal)

Tilak applies Raghubir (Rama)."

For such couplets of Tulsi Dass in his Ramayana. people followed him, adored him and even worshipped him. Study of his career proves that Hanuman and Rama used to appear to him. If really Rama used to appear to him and apply Tilak on his fore-head. then why Tulsi Dass suffered physically during his last three years. Is there anybody to answer this question ? No, whatever I have realised from the state of liberated life, I state

"Liberated alive is liberated alone,

No liberation till life exists.

Till then pains pleasures felt."

I have experienced that salvation or freedom from the cycle of transmigration is Impossible until liberation in life is achieved. If Swami Ji, Kabir Ji, Tulsi Dass, Maulana Rumi, Jesus Christ and Swami Daya Nand 'could express their experiences of life, similarly I am keen to unbosom my obervations for the benefit of the humanity. I have not yet been able to remain In that state of liberated life for all the twenty-four hours. The process of embracing that lofty state and coming down still continues. However the practice of "Surat Shabd Yog, this duty of Guruship and experiences of Satsangis helps me to realise that all ineernal visions are an illusion (Maya) and all external manifestations are shadows (Shaya). Now at this stage, I have dispassion for Light and Sound even to dwell at the fifth stage (Panchvan Pad) or Vedih Gati.

Everybody enjoys mental visions or dreams. These inward visions or dreams are infact the reflections of all those thoughts, suggestions and external impressions that are imprinted on our mind The external impressions are magnified by our mental forces in the same way as a film is magnified and screened with the help of convex lens with focus red light. You enjoy singing, dancing, and fighting on the screen of the theatre, whereas actually there is nothing except the magnified reflections of films print. All the external influences, impressions and thoughts that affect our mind from time to time get magnified when we sit alone, or in dream, sadhana (practice of Yoga), and in Samadhi, But because we are ignorant of their reality, we get entrapped by them and thus suffer or enjoy accordingly. I do not claim that such attractive scenes or visions have ceased to occur in my dream or. Samadhi. But as I have realised their truth, they fail to play with me. I remain clam and tranquil. This is the first stage of liberation, in life that is to live with true knowledge and remain calm and unaffected 'by these illusions But if I continue to entertain this thought as said by these saints, i.e. I am Brahma, then I may live a liberated life, but I would not be able to achieve Videh Gati (a state of total detachment), due to the bondage of self-existence. I will remain attached to Light and Sound. Understand how my bondage of being I am Brahma has vanished. The lives of the great saints, dispelled my doubts and wrong notions that I am all-in-all that myself is Brahma had the "Self" been Brahma. then these saints would not have faced their miserable end. Not to speak of others, Data Dayal Ji Maharaj, whose life is a most authentic example, has a great will-power. His literature is full of positive thoughts. The reading of his literature gives strength and creates self confidence. But if all that he has written is -true, and if his "Self" was Brahma, then why could he not save his own centre (Dham) from devastations ? If sayings of Swami Ji that saints are the creators of Ishwar is correct, then why he suffered IIIness during his last two years ? If so supreme thoughts of Swami Pram Hans were true, then why he died of cancer ? The lives of these saints, my observations and experiences of the Satsangis have helped me to go beyond body, mind, thought, light and even sound that state is a state of total detachment while in body (Videh Gati).

A large number of people from far and near have very high opinions about me. Whenever I go on tour, they adore me and praise me that I help them time and again here or there. These people and the entire world may not believe, but I know that I do not manifest anywhere nor I do anything for any body. I am convinced of what myself is. It is a bubble of consciousness. The bubble of consciousness in evolutionary process of nature, with the consciousness of sound, with the consciousness of light and with the formation of mind, conscience, wisdom, ego and body has attained the Ego. This power of consciousness Is the creation of that Supreme Power, the Supreme Consciousness. the Supreme Element or God. You may name this power as God, Parmatama, Ishwar, Allah or Wahe-Guru. He Is, what he is. Who am I ? I am nothing more than a bubble of consciousness. The entire creation Is His sport (Leela). I have not been able to reach His abode so far. He is the Supreme Power and His end is beyond my reach. It is possible that Swami Ji, Data Dayal Ji, Mohammed and other saints might have reached His Abode or have known Him, but I have not. By attaining this knowledge that I am a bubble of consciousness and the entire creation is His will, my egoism has vanished, the feelings of the existence of self power (Hasti) have ended and even the thought of liberation and bondage has disappeared. When my experien-ces have proved that His will is supreme and all pervading, then question of bondage ends. This bubble of consciousness has assumed the form of Faqir Chand. Lai Singh, Har Bilas, Master Mohan Lai, Narain Dass or the feelings of mother, father and brother from place to place and from time to time. Due to sheer ignorance of the truth, you presume to be a separate entity and you remain dominated by your Ego, Until these veils of ignorance are removed, traps of doubts are cut and Self is realised, these thoughts of bondage and liberation would exist To attain liberation you must realise, who you are, from where have you come, who created you, why were you created, how were you created ? Otherwise liberation from the whirl-pool of bondages is impossible. Kabir says:

"Liberated alive is liberated alone,

No liberation till life exists

Till then pains, pleasures felt."

A man who considers his "self" all-in-all, he enjoys happiness and remains self centered, but he is not liberated, because he Is bound by his joy, he is confined to the centre of his "self". A man who has not achieved liberation in life or who has not become centre-less or free from the bondages of pleasures and pains how can he attain liberation after death ? The existence of Egoism is the greatest bondage. This egoism may be physical as I am father, mother, son, king, guru and disciple-these are all bondages. This egoism may be subtle as' I am Sound, Light, Brahma, Truth, un-named, un-seen and profound, these too are bondages, though they are a source of joy. As the worldly people are not capable of understanding the highest stage of spirituality, the ancient sages propounded different religious philosophies so that mankind may live a life of hopefulness, peace and happiness. So I do not denounce those who propound that Sat Guru would come to accompany the disciple at the time of death. Such a positive thought is a great source of encouragement to an individual. I am Brahma' is also a great source, of positive and helping thought. I am a disciple or devotee is too a great helpful thought. All these religions and philosophies are not bondage free, but the difference is that their bondage is a source of joy. These religions, sects, and philosophies cannot liberate you The roots of the cycle of transmigrations remain alive as long as egoism exists. That is why I proclaim. that I have come down from the unnamed stage (Anami Dham). It is only this un-named stage where egoism vanishes and individual attains Jeevan Mukti.

"Surat becomes Blissful, after all extremes.

Purash Anami (un-named) reaches sky supreme."

Now this stage where egoism vanishes, the Abode of the Lord, Is not realised by any saint, not even by Kabira, Swami Ji and other great Mahatamas. Because by reaching that state, they themselves lost their own entity, they named it as un-named and un-seen state, Whether that supreme state is really un-named, no body has any positive proof to prove It. I know that I am revealing to you the highest stage, which Is beyond your understanding. I am forced to perform my duty. My experiences. truthful speaking and my observations have helped me to attain liberation In life.

"No Liberation in physical body,

How liberation after death.

Liberated not in holy, places dweller,

Liberation there not is kept."

I add my experiences to the experiences of Sant Kabir:-

"Liberated not the practiser of sound,

What deed to follow and what to propound."

He whose "self" ' is attuned to the Internal sound and who enjoys its Bliss, how would he detach himself or liberate himself from the bondage of sound and its joy ? Similarly the man who Is a practises of light and enjoys Its Bliss is in the bondage of Light. This Is, a different thing that we do not consider Light and Sound as the causes of bondage. But the truth remains that all pleasure-giving objects are the cause of bondage. The difference is only of degree as between the golden and iron chains. The chains remain the chains.

"Gallows of doubt not Cut in life,

Hopes liberation after death, Thirsty man as in life,

Wanders thirsty in the dream."


All the internal stages of Sehas-Dal-Kanwal, Trikuti, Sunna, Maha-Sunna, Bhanver Gupha, Sat, and Alakh are nothing in reality, but the impressions of the external world imprinted upon your mind. Whatever is visible within is a reflection of some real object or impression of the external world as already explained above.

Our physical body is constituted of the particles and atoms of nature. The Divine element that dwells in this body is in the form of reflection of the Supreme Reality. If this truth is understood then all cravings even for practice (Sadhana) also vanish. Light and Sound within are also the reflections of external Light and Sound. As already referred above. a stage comes, when you develop dispassion for Light and Sound and even your practice (Sadhana) also comes to an end. But mind this stage can only be achieved after attaining Experience, Knowledge, (Gyan) and (Guru).

"What to practise when Guru Is graceful" A man who has found a real and graceful Guru need not under go the hardships of Sadhana. The aim is to understand and experience the truth. Guru leads the aspirant through practical life. But mind this state Is not within an easy reach. I myself had to spend my whole life to achieve this knowledge. It is after having personal experience that one can understand the words of Satsang,

"Gallows of doubt not cut in life,

Hopes liberation after death.

Thirsty man as in life,

Wanders thirsty in the dream."

Is it not a fact that when you feel thirsty In your dream you search for water to quench your thirst ? Does there exist any source of water in your dream ? No. But still you quench your thirst. Similarly you create a woman In your dream and enjoy sex with her, does It mean that a woman actually appears to you ? No, this creation of water or woman in your dream is not a reality but reflections or Impressions ,that are imprinted upon your mind. The Sehas- Dal-Kanwal, Trikuti Sunna Mahasunna and Shamwar Gupha too are in fact imprints. If you once understand this reality your doubts would vanish and you need not feel attracted towards these centres One can have the understanding of this reality only after following this path.

"Have the glimpse (Darshan) listen to the words,

Having listened churn in mind,

Having churned get the essence,

Having the essence digest it,

Having digested, be perfect.

Dispelling, world illusion and fear."

But who follows this path ?

"All come in presence of Sat Guru.

Enjoy not his glimpse nor catch his words."

When I use such works so emphatically I do question myself. Are you misleading the world ? Thousands of Satsangis have died performing austere practices. I have made every thing clear and easy for those who aspire for it. A Satsang of Hours is better than meditation of Hundreds of years. If you succeed to understand this point you would not worry about your failures In meditational practice. Guru is knowledge, Sermonisation of Spirit" Sant Kabir writes:

"The detached is bondage free,

Live there where keeps He."

Sant Kabir advises us to achieve the state of detachment. The State of detachment is invincible by illusion. Firstly since I realised that it is not I who manifests to do your work, I was convinced that vision and manifestation of Data Dayal were not a reality but an Illusion. It made me to detach myself from the visions. Secondly, this wrong notion that I am Brahm or I am all in all was dispelled by the lives of Swanii Ji. Data Dayal Ji, Sahib Ji, Moullana Rumi and Shamstabrez. Satsangis and these Mahatmas proved to be my true Satgurus. I have not selfish motives. I have no desire for name and fame, I explain this truth simply to awaken mankind. Whether what I say is right or wrong, is not known to me. I have done my duty as I had pledged. Data Dayal Ji had said:

"Till Ye see with thy eyes,

Accept not all that I say,"

So whatever I state Is my own experience. I am convinced that I am a bubble of consciousness created by a motion in 'the Supreme consciousness. I was unnamed, invisible and mingled In Him as butter or ghee is mingled in the milk. Radhaswami Dayal writes:-

"Listen 0, Surat from me thy Secret,

Thou were mingled in me since ever."

Before assuming this physical frame I was mingled in Him like butter or Ghee In milk. Butter Is separated from milk after boiling it and churning it. Similarly, with a motion in that supreme power I, you and all others became separate from Him. This knowledge has dissolved my ego and has helped me to attain the state of detachment.

"The detached is bondage free,

Live there where keeps He.

Without detachment bondage remains,

Going anywhere one is not free."

Now I have intuitioned who I am ? I am a part and parcel of that Supreme Power, as butter is of milk. What worries should I have? Till life exists

"Yatra Yalra, Mano gachhati,

Tatra Tatra Samadhaya."


The entire creation is the game of His will. Life, death, vice, virtue, good, evil, dharam, deeds, creation and destruction are not in my hands. This all happens under His Will. By achieving this stage man lives the life of a child. This is what is meant by "Live there Where He keeps you." Live at His Will. Attainment of this stage is "Joevan Mukta stage". You have rendered many services to me, so I want to do my duty towards you. Understand only one point

"Yatra Yatra mano gachhati,

Tatra Tatra Samadhya."


Live this life like a child. Remain at His will. Let His will always prevail. Till I realized this truth, I remained in one or the other bondage such as the bondage of Guru, bondage of devotion, bondage of light, bondage of sound and bondage of the third stage. Now all bondages have been broken. Whatever is to happen will happen. Attainment of this stage, I understand, is Jiwan.Mukti.

"Get freedom from transmigration,

By contemplating Immortal Name."

Now, what immortal Name is to be contemplated ? Is it repetition of some particular name as 'Radhaswami’ with your tongue ? No. the true simran Is to attain experience or direct knowledge of the Truth i.e. the light and sound manifested by a motion in that Supreme Element, which further carry on the process of creation and destruction. To keep this truth in mind is real simran of the Immortal Name. You may follow the path in-ward and listen to the sound. you would not achieve Jiwan Mukti. You may get joy, happiness stage of ecstasy and attain will power, but not liberation in life, till you have this conviction. that His Will is supreme and is all pervading.

"Sayeth Kabir that he alone Is Guru who cuts the noose of doubts.!"

Guru is he who dispels all doubts and whims. He convinces us that His will Is supreme. Whatever happened was His will, whatever Is happening is His will, and His will shall prevail In the future. Attainment of this stage, in my view, Is liberation-in-life. To those who come to me for satsang, I say that whatever I say is not my final verdict. I do not appeal that the world should follow me. But I do say that the propounders of different religious philosophies, instead of liberating the human beings, bound them within their own circles and divided humanity on the basis of different names. Having compassion for my brethren, I have explained the truth. May you live a life of peace ! Live at His will and attain liberation in life. This is what I ever wish.

Peace to all.