Part Two



0, Mind, Contemplate, Life is Short, Four Joining came to carry ye on Wooden horse;

Burn they will, by collecting wood, as holi of Brindaban. Glass palace of ten doors, death makes

complete seizure. 'Agar' is cut, 'Nagar' torn, breath left, and skull broken.

Mother weeps holding cot, holding arms

brothers weep. Spouse cries with dishevelled hair

Of her husband's company deprived.

Recall 0, mind, Ye Satnam, restraining

thyself complete Sayeth Kabir, hear 0, Ye Saints, Creator

is the destroyer."


These two or three persons have come from Jammu and a few more have come from some village. They wish me to baptise and sermonise them. As a true man, I ask my ownself-will they be emancipated after being baptised and sermonised by me ? His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal, Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal, opened my eyes by deputing me to this duty. His Holiness had a great mercy upon me.

"O Mind, Contemplate Nam, Life is short."

Rishis Munis and Saints have been awakening mankind from time to time, that life-span is very short, that you have been passing through this cycle of Life and Death for lives together, so contemplate the True Ham and meditate on the Holy form to get rid of this cycle. Now, here arises a very important question. This boy who has come here for getting himself initiated, tells me that he suffered a typhoid attack when he was only one year old. Due to this attack he became invalid for ever. You see how painful it is for him. A child of one year did not commit any sin, nor did he injure any one’s feelings. Why did he lose both of his legs I There must be some reason behind it. Either he must have commited some sin In his previous life for which he suffers punishment now, or, if you do not believe in the philosophy of Karma, then you will have to admit that the Creator of this world Is cruel. He gave birth to the child, and disabled him of both of his legs within the very first year of his age. Thus you have to agree on one point out of these two. Either we will have to accept the philosphy of Karma or admit the Creator Is cruel.

To remain safe from the Karmas and free from the laws of the Creator, Sant Mat has propounded this 'Nam'. I ask myself if "You have spent the whole of your life in Bhajan. Are you sure that you are free from the effects of your own Karma (deeds) ? Will you . go scot free from the cruel hands ef the Creator of this world ? These people have come for Nam (baptism) If you baptise them, will thou go free from the pains of the world by your baptism ?" Daily, I receive a bundle of letters. Some writers are ailing, some are issue-less, others are suffering for one reason or the other and still others have disturbed lives. The whole world is full of pain. I often put this question to myself : ,You do remember Nam, are you now sure that you will not come to this world again ?" I have firm belief that if I continue this Bhajan, then I shall not come after death. but if I aban-don it, then surely I will not be free, and will have to take re-birth.

Now, what is Nam ? It Is to gain this firm belief that, whatever colour, form, thought, vision or feeling is visible within, is all "Maya" This is all mental creation. None of them has real existence, but still it occurs within, and we continue to be prevailed upon by each of them. Due to ignorance we accept these internal visions as true, and thus enjoy or suffer accordingly.

Mr. Krishan Lal Sahni, came from Jamuna Nagar yesterday and narrated to me in incident of his son's marriage. He said that virtually hp had no money for the marriage and was completely helpless. However, he continuously kept on meditating on my form. He has all praise for me and does not feel tired while praising, that Baba Ji did so much, in this marriage for him. He offered some clothes, sweets and Rs. 21/ to me. . He did all adorations and salutations to me, Now I, on my own part, go within and ask myself did I know anything about the marriage of his son ? No. Did I go to Yamuna Nagar to help him in his monetary and other difflculties ? No. Mr. Sahni is settled at Kanpur and he arranged the marriage at Yamuna Nagar. After marriage ceremonies were over, he sent me a telegram. However, I was least aware of Mr. Krishan Lai, the sender of the telegram from Yamuna Nagar, so I could not reply. A few days later, I received a reply-paid telegram and I replied to the same. Now the question is : who helped him ? Was it myself who helped him ? No. He was helped by his own faith, belief and devotion. But the real help, that I want to render to the suffering humanity, Is desired for by very few. A true Guru guides mankind to the path of liberation, so that it may get emancipated and end the entire scuffle for ever.

'You people have come to me for Nam Dan (initiation). What Nam should I give to you?' The first and foremost rule that works in this world is that whatever you gain or lose, is the result of your own longings and desires or harvest of your previous deeds. As you think so you become, on mental states depends the body's fate. As you sow, so shall you reap. Samskara of your previous Karmas stand by you. If you do not believe this philosophy then -you will have to believe that the Creator is a tyrant. I do not say that the Creator is cruel, but the intellect is forced to accept it that way. What sin did this boy commit at the age of one year ? Why was he rendered legless ? Why is he suffering ? You know, it rained heavily yesterday, scores of germs and creatures must have died, and some number or even many more must have been born. During floods thousands of buildings are washed away and men are drowned, large numbers of birds and animals are swept away, Saints name the Creator as Kal. He created this world at His own will, and therein exist both pains and pleasures. Then the real Sat Nam is, to go beyond the mental existence and merge Into the light or 'Brahm'. Beyond this stage is Shabd (The Eternal, Sound). if you have understood the forces of mind both constructive and destructive, an d if your ideal is formless Light and Sound, then at the ultimate end, you will definitely merge into Light and Sound, you, will not be ensnared by the mental visions. Sant Kabir writes:

"Far off, your abode 0 Hans, House unbound, limitless

Neither body nor Maya exists there,

Nor trinity pervades; Four Castes do not exist,

Nor the family traditions Nine, six, fourteen learnings neither,

Nor the thought of scriptures Meditations. Penances, nor pilgrimages.

Nor rules regulations Neither, creation of five elements,

'That is beyond destruction. Three gods nor thirty-three crores,

Nor the ten incarnations. Far beyond the sixteen Sankh (stages)

exists court of God Eternal. Sitting on enlightened throne,

There sounds Shabd eternal. Manly form, how do I explain,

He is beyond explanation. Bright equal to thousands Suns,

One cell of the superman. Different from word and wordless,

That is our true Nam. Come here with secret word.

in this mortal world. Meet four Gurus to find out,

He creates the whole world, Hold His arm, Ye for ever,

and go beyond 0, Hans. To, that great island Ye belong,

Listen my word 0, Hans. Humble Kabir, this time,

Follows foot-prints of the Formless."

That is our Desh (abode). That is our origin. What happens after reaching that abode ? Man gets salvation. He merges in his own Self, i.e. Light and Shabd. But every individual cannot have an easy approach to that Desh. It was due to this very fact, that among Hindus, Gayatri Mantra used to be introduced to every child at the age of nine, so that Light and Shabd may manifest in him and he may be able to attain Nam. One who feels detached from this world and wants to be above the pains and pleasures of this mundane world; Nam is for him. He is the true claimant of the Nam.

"Who are fed up with sensualities,

Cherishes spirituality in mind,

Loves not progeny and wealth,

Searcheth among Gurus and Saints".

Blessed are those who suffer from one misery or the other. Only those who suffered, developed the spirit of detachment from this world and adopted this path. If there is no pain, the idea of finding out its solution does not arise and he who has no desire for the solutions of his miseries is not the right man for Nam. For him is Ved Marg (Philosophy of the Scriptures). Not a single religion of the world dares to name the Creator of this world as cruel. Only the Saints have raised this slogan.

The pleasures of the world do not last for ever. Transition is the law of Nature. Nothing is permanent. Every formation is followed by deformation, You are hale and hearty to-day, you may recite Ram Ram. may make adorations and prayers to God but ailments and death would not spare you. If you are a believer in Karama Philosophy. refine your Karma, purify your longings, do not indulge in Swindling and cheating, do not usurp others' wealth or property share, Others' dues are not only limited to wealth or immovable property a lone; to develop illicit relations with another's wife is also usurpation. Keep your thoughts pure. Never indulge in deceit for your personal gains. Develop enmity against none. If you wish to be happy in this world of the Creator, then be of Him. be of the all pervading, "Karta Purusha". The Creator is a power that creates this world with its own will. That force Is signified by Bindoo, (dot) at Om. Develop attachment with this Bindoo (Zero) of Om. It is the Creator, Sustainer and destroyer, all in one. Its second name is Tenth Door (Daswan Dawar) in Sant Mat. He who remains attached to this Bindoo, entertains pure and positive thoughts, remains happy in life. But this does not mean that he is emancipated; for that there is the path of Light and Shabd. For that the Saints have propounded the philosophy of Simran Concentration and Dhyan (Meditation). Because the mind, is most restive and thinking is its quality, the Guru (The Preceptor) gives Nam to keep it busy in Simran and Dhyan. Some suggest the Jap (mental recitation) of Ram-Ram, others ask for Waho-Guru Jap, some others recite Allah-Allah, and still others use the word Sat Nam for It. Indeed the Lord has no name and form, but still all names are His names and all forms are His forms. Accept Him In one Name and in one Form. Have firm faith and belief that He is he supreme and all pervading. It will make your life smooth and happy. In your bad days, your faith, Simran and Dhyan will help you, and not Faqir Chand. If to-day I do not speak the truth, and maintain the iron curtain for my own name, fame, wealth and self-aggrandizement, I will be the greatest sinner. It would mean hypocrisy.

You people have come to get Nam. The true Nam is to set the Light and listen to Shabd within, But, mind, every person is not fit to achieve that stage. It depends on one's Samskaras and purity of thought and mind. My Sat Guru had initiated me with Radha Swami Name and Dhyan of Guru's Holy Form, I do not want to break away with the old tradition. If you want to adopt this path, follow Light and Sound within. It can redeem you.

Why do we meditate ? I have explained you that we want to get rid of the worldly sorrows and joys, for ever. But if somebody has not so far developed dispassion for the world, he will fail to fix his mind at the required centres. If at all he succeeds. he may get 'Anand' but he would not be able to free himself from Mayaj due to worldly cravings in his mind. Hence an aspirant, must first of all, detach himself from all worldly longings. Swami Ji Maharej writes.

"Ye hold the world as true,

How can Ye achieve Nam".

Dispassion (Vairagya) cannot be achieved easily. It depends upon your previous Karmas. Krishan La Sahni was helped out of his difficulty by his Sumiran Dhyan and faith and not by me. This is a plain truth. I do not follow the path of false Gurudom, therefore I enjoy peace and I am happy. Hazur Data Dayal had deputed me to this task of helping the weak. helpless and ignorant. I have done it whole-heartedly. If you truly wish to recite Nam, then concentrate on the Holy form of your Guru in between your eyebrows. Do not make use of your tongue for Nam Jap. If you fail to concentrate, then you can recite the Nam with your tongue and even make use of the rosary at the primary stage. But the true Nam is to merge in the Light and Shabd after complete mental attentiveness.

"First Lord becomes pupil, Who surrenders body, mind and soul

Later Lord becomes Guru, Who blessed Ye with Nam"

You have come for Nam Dan. As long as an individual does not surrender his body and mind to his ideal, he cannot achieve Nam. What is this surrender of body and mind to the ideal ? It does not mean that you are to offer your body and head to your Guru, which is generally understood by the ignorant people. It means, complete forgetfulness of body and mental existence at the time of meditation. When one achieves this thought-free stage and merges in Light, he attains Nam. So complete surrender is a must. Mr. Sahni did not surrender his body and mind to his Ideal. He was in fact very much in his body and mind wishing the fulfillment of his desires. Because, he had faith, his work was done during the marriage of his son. I did not do his Work. I was not even aware of his son's marriage. You have come for Satsang. Listen

"Be of one, all will be yours,

By holding many, you gain none."

He who changes his ideal from day to day gets nothing. Spend your entire life for one thought and one ideal. A woman can enjoy her sex wherever she may like. But she does not command respect. But one who clings to one and surrenders to him enjoys not only womanhood, but all regards, as mother, grand mother, great grand-mother, aunt and maternal aunt etc. Understand the depth of what I say. This is a Satsang and not a propaganda congregation.

Nam Is for getting salvation and that is within you. But only those are blessed with it who are completely detached from this world. This dispassion should not be due to some reason, such as losing of wealth and becoming poor, or due to grief of the death of a very close relative It should be based on the realisation, that this world is an inn and we are pilgrims. This Is not our permanent abode, all will leave turn-wise after ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred years. Dispassion aroused by this realisation is known as spontaneous dispassion.

"Glass palace of Ten doors,

Death makes complete seizure."

Sant Kabir has named this body as a glass palace. What this glass palace means is only known to Kabir Sahib. Bu t what I have understood I explain. Every thing is the projection of our mind. You see, there the statue of Hazur Data Dayal is installed. On its, either side mirrors are fixed and they project a large number of statues of Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj. Similar is the postion of our body. Our internal craving is reflected or projected by our action organs i.e. Karam indriyas. When the ultimate end Of this body comes, the subtle body, influenced by the projected cravings moves up in the upper religions, and again takes birth as and when the proper media for projected cravings is available. But, if you continue meditation and render your mind desirefree then at the ultimate end, if your mind does not project any craving on your subtle body, what will happen ? Your Light and Shabd will manifest, your subtle body too shall remain here and your "Self" will merge into the Absolute without any further cycle of birth and death. Bhajan means tranquility. As long as there is existence of mind, thoughts and feelings will arise and thus tranquility would not be achieved. So Bhajan is essential.

"Mother, weeks, holding cot,

Holding arms, brothers weep

Spouse cries with dishevelled hair

Of her husband's company deprived.

Recall Ye Satnam, restraining thyself complete"

What Is Satnam ? Uttering of the word "Satnam" with the tongue is not the true Satnam. One person is known by one name and another by another. Our ,real self" is the true Satnam. The object that dwells In body, mind and soul, and that which feels the existence of body, mind and soul is our real ‘Self’. Commotion, that takes place in that object is known as Satnam.

"Kabir Sayeth : hear Ye 0 Saints,

Creator is destroyer".

Every atom of this world is mortal. Wealth, buildings, sons, daughters. Even Faqir Chand shall disappear one day. So, Simran, Dhyan and Bhajan are most essential. Remember Radha Swami (word spoken) or any other Nam (word spoken) that you like or love, and meditate on Guru's Holy form. Keep your conscience clear and pure. Whatever you desire, yearn for it, if your desire is strong, it will positively be fulfilled, it is a fact and not a miracle. I have explained the truth. To adopt it in your practical day to day life is your duty.

Peace to all.